Tupelo Invitational Sub Only Tournament

Tupelo Invitational
Sub only Tournament

8 Competitors 1st place cash prize $500

2nd $250

3rd $100


purple/brown only

casey cox

academy- TUpelo Jiu JItsu academy
Belt Level- Purple belt
age- 34
weight- 212

Corey Fowler

academy- Tupelo Jiu JItsu academy
belt level- brown belt
age- 32
weight- 185

Tj Pickering

academy- Tupelo Jiu Jitsu Academy
belt level- Purple belt
age- 34
weight- 200

Braeden anthony

academy- Pyramid Martial arts
belt level- brown belt
age- 23
weight- 187

brad Daignealt

academy- oxford Jiu jitsu
belt level- purple belt
age- 33
weight- 170

Brian White

academy- brian white mma
belt level- brown belt
age- 35
weight- 205

steven aragon

academy- Gracie South Cleveland
belt level-Purple Belt
age- 32
weight- 170

Kevin Bollig

academy- Paragon Martial arts
belt level- purple belt

age- 25
weight- 220

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TUpelo sub only Tournament RUles


8-minute rounds, no points, no advantages, no slams. all submissions are legal. The winner is determined by submitting their opponent during the regulation time, inability to continue competing, or by being the victor of the overtime rounds.

Overtime Round

Overtime – one round, no time limit, no submissions.

The Winner is determined by the first person to score a takedown 


Takedown definition

● Anytime two opponents are on their feet and one forces the other to the mat to a bottom position.
● If the opponent lands on his knee, the initiator must spin and control the opponent from behind his shoulders.
● If player 1 initiates takedown and player 2 jumps guard, player 1 has 3 seconds to put player 2 down and needs 3 seconds of control to be awarded takedown.

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Event time:

Dec 18th

Rules Meeting 5:15pm

First Match  6:00pm

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