🤼Two Self Defense Techniques you should be practicing with your child at home🤼

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Try these two simple Jiu Jitsu Self Defense Techniques with your child at home. 

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Drill #1 The Underhooks

The goal here is to block the strikes, get two underhooks (by putting both arms under the opponent’s arms, and holding the opponent’s midsection or upper body) then circling around to their back and controlling the upper body with an underhook and an overhook. Having someones back is one of the safest/strongest positions in Jiu Jitsu, two underhooks provide a direct path to the back. 



1. We’re using MMA combo sticks in this video, but pool noodles work even better for kids.


2. Make this playtime. Kids learn better this way. 


Drill #2 Guard Retention

The goal here is to never let the opponent get above/pass your hips. It’s difficult for our opponent to engage and strike if we maintain guard. Watch how I attempt to run around Ezra’s legs, he squares back up to me and always keeps me below his hips.(in his guard)




1. When you and your child get comfortable doing the drill, add the thrust kick strike. (like Ezra does in this video).


Thanks for watching!

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